Dr. Jilu Feng

Research Area

  • Active and passive remote sensing, Geomatics, Analytical development for retrieval of spatial and spectral information


Research Interests

  • Dr. Jilu Feng specializes in the development and application of remote sensing & GIS techniques, including multispectral and hyperspectral remote sensing of land surface, heuristic solution for location and allocation problems, as tools to investigate spectral and scattering properties of terrestrial materials (rocks, soils, canopy, etc.) and facilitate optimal geo-spatial information management. Examples include the application of spectral devices to determine the bitumen and clay content of oil sands, the use of airborne hyperspectral sensor to monitor soil disturbance and identify user-interested targets, spectral characterization of rocks in the visible (VIR), near infrared (NIR), thermal infrared (TIR) and microwave (SAR) spectral regions for rock face mapping and sulfide ore grading. His current research involves non-destructive determination of oxide and mineral abundance for silicate rocks from TIR spectroscopy, in-situ identificationof oil sand sections with high ultra-fine matrials, optimization of feature combination over multiple scales in spatial and spectral domain to improve accuracy and sustainability of classification.