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What we do

Cutting-edge Hyperspectral Analysis for Mineral Exploration and Vegetation Analysis
Benoit Rivard examines a mineral using spectroscopy

Dr. Benoit Rivard
Dr. Rivard's lab focuses on geoprocessing; Development and application of innovative hyperspectral techniques for mineral exploration, Combined optical and radar airborne and satellite remote sensing for geologic mapping and environmental monitoring; Infrared characterization of terrestrial materials.

Who We ARe

Who we are

Current Students, Past Students, Post-Docs, and Research Associates

Lab Personnel

Research Associate: Jilu Feng
Post Doctorate: Derek Rogge
Ph.D. Student: Michelle Tappert

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Maximizing Use of Hyperspectral Imagery for Various Remote Sensing Applications


Amplifying Surface-Feature Information
Dr. Rivard's lab is developing technological advances leading to an expansion of the basic knowledge of spectral properties of natural materials. New hyperspectral methods will enhance detection of regional mineral patterns using algorithm-generated information retreival, a computatational method of improving the accuracty of abundance estimations and minimizing false identifications arising from the variability of spectral signals.