About Core-Net

Through innovative research we aim to advance the application of imaging spectroscopy for the exploration and management of natural resources. Our primary expertise resides in applications of value to the geological and mining communities but we conduct numerous collaborations investigating applications in land cover characterization. Our group encompasses geologists, geographers, and physicists working with collaborators in industry and government agencies. Dr. Benoit Rivard is the lab principal investigator and is professor of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Alberta.



Lab Highlights

Please review the following papers for details about our work:

Continuous wavelets for the improved use of spectral libraries and hyperspectral data.

Integration of spatial-spectral information for the improved extraction of endmembers.

Iterative spectral unmixing for optimizing per-pixel endmember sets.

Quantifying total sulfide content of cores and cut rock surfaces using thermal infrared reflectance.

Intra and inter-class spectral variability of tropical tree species at La Selva, Costa Rica: Implications for species identification using Hydice imagery.

Experimental calibration of lake-sediment spectral reflectance to chlorophyll a concentrations: methodology and paleolimnological validation.

Spectral properties of foliose and crustose lichens based on laboratory experiments.