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Installing the Long Wave InfraRed Imager (LWIR)


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    Installing the Sisurock Imaging Facility


    Our Equipment: Spectrometers


    Imaging Spectrometers


  • The Canadian Foundation for Innovation and the Alberta Advanced Education and Technology in conjunction with funding from private industry have enable the purchase of two core spectral imaging systems. The SisuROCK system has its own light source, and can span the 400-2500nm spectral range at a nominal spectral resolution of 8nm. These properties imply that key spectral features of minerals (e.g. iron oxide, clay, amphibole) can be captured. With this imaging capability, targets (e.g. silicate minerals, oxides, bitumen, water) can be examined in the context of their surroundings (e.g. spatial associations, distribution), allowing for the examination of meters of core per minute and ultimately facilitating mine or deposit scale investigation from the use of multiple core sections. SisuROCK is a unique imaging system in many respects: 1) it is collapsable and can be transported in the field (e.g. in a mine, an exploration camp), 2) it is an imager which can be configured for rapid core scanning or for detailed textural and spectral investigations, and 3) it can scan 25 feet of core in less than 2 minutes. A second imaging system will provide spectral imagery over 30 bands spanning the long wave infrared spectrum of 8-12 mm. Combined with SisuRock this system will result in a unique geological spectral imaging capability in Canada.  These capabilities will allow Canadian researchers to develop modern predictive mapping and mining exploration tools to benefit critical and important segments of the Canadian economy.

Point Spectrometers


  • Lab Facilities at the Imaging Spectroscopy Laboratory also include an ASD (Analytical Spectral Devices) Field Spectrometer and a FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer). The two instruments have been set up such that the can acquire measurments of the same sample simultaeously. This allows for detailed spectral data of the full range of the two sensors.


ASD Portable Spectrometer
Spectral range: 0.4 - 2.5 microns
Spectral resolution: ~1 nanometer
Field of view (FOV): variable

Bomen MB100 FTIR
Spectral range: 1.67 - 14.5 microns
Spectral resolution: 2 - 15 nanometers (~8 cm-1)
Illumination and viewing angle 30 degrees
Field of view (FOV): 20 - 25 mm