Student Opportunities

(Available to students in the University of Alberta Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences.)

Automate the hyperspectral analysis of rock cores and wall rock toward mineral mapping and rock type classification.

Develop techniques for improved hyperspectral imagery for northern regions (e.g. Baffin island).

Develop techniques for improved hyperspectral data for tropical forests (in collaboration with Dr. Sanchez-Azofeifa).

Analysis of visible, swir and thermal hyperspectral data of rock cores towards rock type classification, alteration mapping, ore grading, and mineral detection.

Optimization of spectral feature selection and feature combination for target detection, unmixing, predictive modeling.

core-Net Spectral-spatial analysis of airborne imagery.

Analysis of airborne and spaceborne hyperspectral imagery for geological mapping in northern latitudes.

Analysis of airborne hyperspectral imagery for the investigation of tree speciation, forest attributes and canopy stress.

To develop applications of endmember extraction to canopy investigations and monitoring of invasive species.

Develop visualization tools for the quality assessment of field spectral data and for the rapid exploration of temporal hyperspectral measurements of vegetation.